The artistic approach

Why Cardboard?

For Olivier Bertrand, fashionning cardboard  is not a a thoughtful choice, because the material has imposed itself, as a matter of course.

“I always create from what I could find easily … and it turns out that finding cardboard boxes at home was not so difficult. Today, I love the idea of ​​giving a second life to this everyday product, completely disposable . And of course, I am happy with the idea that my work can be involved in an eco-friendly approach.

cartons de recylcage
Why Cardboard picture
The subject

the world of wild animals

Spontaneously, Olivier draws on the animal world his source of inspiration. “No doubt I am more sensitive to animals for their part of mystery. The defaults of human nature, which I know to test them, separate me from the human figure as a subject of creation.

I like to choose strong animals, at first glance antinomic with the fragility of the cardboard I use. By this duality between the subject and the material, I try, in my way, to warn about the precariousness of the animal kingdom. “

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