XXL Sculptures
The Kong, sculpture made for Smurfit Kappa company .

The Jumping Tiger

The artist has here exploited the lightness of his material to put this work in an overhang, in order to perfectly express the movement of this jumping tiger.

The Gorilla
The artist's first work, this Gorilla was awarded a medal at the Grand Palais in 2019 and received the WildlifeArtistOfTheYear award (Animal Behavior category) in London in 2020.

The pandas

The pandas, two sculptures all round and sympathetic.

Singular places require

Imposing Artworks

Cardboard offers many advantages for those who wish to create monumental artworks, it is a light material and therefore easy to handle, and it is easy to obtain it.

The artist’s monumental sculptures, imposing due to their size and their presence, have often been used during public events. Designed to be easily transportable, they are perfectly suited for this way of use, and are available for rental for short or long periods.

If you wish, these works are also available in bronze.

If you are interested in acquiring or producing a monumental artwork, please contact the artist for more information.